"Draw Like a Boss: Stumpy" (French: Dessine Comme Un Boss: Moignon) is the second and final webisode in the "Draw Like a Boss" series.


Stumpy teaches the viewers how to draw himself.


Stumpy greets the viewers and explains to them that he will be teaching them how to draw a picture of himself, who he calls "the greatest person in Smileyland". He draws a perfect pencil sketch of himself, while talking about how good he thinks he looks. Stumpy then decides to clean up the drawing, but advises the viewers to think about how he looks and draw him exactly the way he looks. Once again, he ignores his own instructions and winds up drawing himself as a Super Saiyan who has girls throwing their underwear at him and yelling his name. Stumpy seems to find nothing wrong with his drawing, despite how different it looks from his actual self, and he signs it at the bottom. He then says bye to the "group of losers who don't even know how to draw", i.e. the viewers.


  • This episode shows that Stumpy can actually make very good art, a fact which was also shown in the episode "Let's Play Art Class".
  • This episode has Stumpy draw himself as a Super Saiyan from the "Dragon Ball" franchise.

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