Eugly the rabbit is a secondary character on the show, Pretty's fraternal twin and Quack Quack's girlfriend.


Eugly is very sensitive. She starts crying at even the slightest insult. She is also very kind, but if somebody attempts to hurt Pretty or Quack Quack she will not hesitate to beat them up. Pretty treats her like a slave. She is shown to have hidden talents; one episode showed her to be a good ballerina and another one showed her to be an amazing singer.


Eugly is a pink rabbit. She has orange hair which cover her eyes, which she ties into three short pigtails. She wears a black tee shirt, which doesn't cover her stomach, and a pink skirt with black leggings. The tee shirt has a white design on it, which changes depending on her emotions.

Role in the show

Eugly usually has very little significance to the plot, but on occasion she has major roles. In "Let's Play Truth or Dare", Bad Kaeloo and Quack Quack both fell in love with her and had a fight, but in the end Kaeloo gave up since she wanted Quack Quack to be happy. Since then, Eugly has been dating Quack Quack.

In most of her appearances, Eugly can be seen with Quack Quack.