Fakebook is a social networking website which is frequently used by the show's characters, mostly Stumpy and Pretty. It is a parody of the real-life website Facebook. In the show's French dub, the name of the website is "Face de Bouc", which literally translates to "Goat Face".

In "Let's Play Prince Charming", Stumpy looks for a girlfriend on the site, only to meet somebody who wants to steal all his money. In "Let's Play Hot - Cold", he mentions meeting Ursula on the site, and he uses Fakebook to send her a heavily edited picture of himself. In "Let's Play Party", Mr. Cat uses it to show Quack Quack fake pictures of Eugly cheating on him with some of the other characters. In "Let's Play I Like You", Pretty posts embarrassing photos of the main four on the site to get more "likes", and they retaliate by posting some of her as well.