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"I Want My Girlfriend" (French title: Je veux ma copine) is a two-part song sung by Stumpy in the episode "Let's Play Musical Comedy". The first part is sung when he, Quack Quack and Kaeloo are on their way to Broadway. The second part is sung at the end of the episode while everyone fights over the music sheet. As the second season was not dubbed into English, it only exists in French.


French Version

Part 1

Kaeloo - Chanson - Je veux ma copine (Part I)00:35

Kaeloo - Chanson - Je veux ma copine (Part I)

Part 2

Kaeloo - Chanson - Je veux ma copine (Part II)00:35

Kaeloo - Chanson - Je veux ma copine (Part II)

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