Why deny such intense love? We were made for each other!

Mr. Cat, Let's Play Baby-Sitting

Kaeloo/ Mr Cat Relationship, also known as "Kaelat" by English speaking fans and "Chaka" by French speaking fans, is the romantic pairing of Kaeloo and Mr. Cat.



There are several hints in the show that Kaeloo and Mr Cat have feelings for each other.

  • Kaeloo is often very happy to have Mr. Cat join her when playing games, and she will on occasion beg him to play with her.
  • In the Pilot, he confesses that he has a crush on her (which unfortunately fails because he says a swear word in the middle of his confession), with hearts floating above his head.
  • In "Let's Play at Reading Books", Kaeloo is about to read a now book-shaped (because of her beating on him as Bad Kaeloo) Mr. Cat. When she is about to open him, the screen gets entirely dark and we hear her exclaim: "*gasp* Mr. Caaat!..." with a naughty tone of voice.
  • In "Let's Play Trap-Trap", when Kaeloo hugs Mr. Cat, she blushes. And we can note that he absolutely wanted to team up with her.
    • Later in the same episode, he asks her for another hug when trying to persuade her not to beat him up.
  • In "Let's Play Peace, Man!", Kaeloo wants to kiss Mr. Cat, and she forcefully kisses him off-screen as Bad Kaeloo. At the end of the episode, she asks him with a seductive-like face if they can start all over again.
  • In "Let's Play Market Vendors", Kaeloo seems to be somewhat attracted to Mr. Cat when the latter is dressed as a security guard.
  • In, "Let's Play House", Mr. Cat calls Kaeloo "My Coochy-Coo!" and looks at her seductively, holding her hand. The buddies are pretending to be a family where Mr. Cat is the father and Kaeloo is the mother. Later in the episode, Mr. Cat wants to do the unthinkable for a PG-rated TV show (namely, having sex) with Kaeloo which causes her to transform. But he tells her that she is even more cute when she is transforming, and gives him goosebumps. He then asks her to do it again.
  • In "Let's Play Baby-Sitting", Mr. Cat goes on a date with Kaeloo, tries to kiss her and confesses that he loves her, only later to claim that he was "just kidding" (because Bad Kaeloo beat him up). It's also suggested in the episode that she wanted to have babies with him.
  • In "Let's Play Air Pockets" he tries flirting with her while they are on a plane where he is the pilot and she is an air hostess.
  • In "Let's Play Courtroom Drama", he doesn't want her to leave Smileyland, even if preventing her from leaving meant confessing to a crime he had previously claimed to be innocent of.
  • In "Let's Play Lady Luck", Bad Kaeloo jumps out of a gift box (with intentions to beat Mr. Cat up) and yells "Surprise!", and he happily says (despite knowing what would happen) that he loves surprises.
  • In "Let's Play Soccer", when Mr. Cat plays with the ball like an actual cat, Kaeloo remarks on how cute he looks.
  • In "Let's Play Party", Mr Cat wants to see Bad Kaeloo. When Kaeloo finally transforms, he tries to woo her. In the end, he tries to kiss her.
  • In "Let's Play Top Models", Mr Cat helps Kaeloo get revenge on Pretty when she was bullying Kaeloo. At the end, she gives him a hug.
  • In "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", Mr. Cat has a daydream about being massaged by numerous clones of Kaeloo, and later in the episode he gazes dreamily at her when she transforms. He seems to like her bad thoughts, which are personified as miniature versions of her. Near the end of the episode, they both hold hands.

More hints coming soon!

Role in the show

Mr. Cat's main reason for provoking Kaeloo to get angry in almost every episode is actually because he has a crush on her, and enjoys seeing her transform.

Interestingly, whether they like each other or not depends on the episode; in "Let's Play Peace, Man!", Mr. Cat was horrified at the prospect of being kissed by Kaeloo, but in "Let's Play House", Kaeloo seemed disgusted by his advances towards her.

A few episodes, such as "Let's Play Baby-Sitting", focus on their relationship. Kaeloo herself seems oblivious to Mr. Cat's feelings for her, but the other characters seem to have figured it out. For example, in the episode "Let's Play Clone Party", when Stumpy tries to impersonate Mr. Cat, he attempts to kiss a picture of Bad Kaeloo.


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