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Kaeloo and Stumpy don't always see eye to eye, but they have a good relationship in general, not very different from the relationship between an older sister and younger brother. Kaeloo is occasionally worried for Stumpy's safety such as in "Let's Play Scaredy Cat", but in other episodes such as "Let's Play Curse of the Pharaoh", she doesn't seem to care that much. She is shown to regret any instances of not caring about him in "Let's Play the Very Special Episode".

Quack Quack


Kaeloo and Quack Quack have a good relationship. She always stands up for him when Mr. Cat is tormenting him, and in "Let's Play Danger Island Survivor" she seemed to fall in love with him, though this may have only been temporary (most other episodes show that she likes Mr. Cat). She is nice to him, but she can be strict (for example, telling him that he can either give up on yogurt or leave Smileyland) when she thinks it's for his own good.

Mr. Cat


Kaeloo's general relationship with Mr. Cat


Bad Kaeloo beating Mr. Cat up

See also: Kaeloo/Mr Cat Relationship
Kaeloo considers Mr. Cat as her friend despite his cruel and sadistic nature, and usually forgives him for everything he does. She tries not to transform into Bad Kaeloo because she cares about his safety (although when she does transform, she is usually brutal when dealing with him). She encourages him to join the games the others play, because she knows that he does indeed enjoy the games despite claiming not to. Sometimes, Kaeloo tries to get revenge on him, such as in "Let's Play Courtroom Drama" and "Let's Play Clone Party". There are several hints in the series that the two may actually have feelings for each other. Even as Bad Kaeloo, she still may like him as she forcibly kissed him in one episode.


Kaeloo is the only character in the series besides Eugly who does not hate Pretty, but sometimes even she doesn't like Pretty. Pretty is frequently mean to Kaeloo, for example in "Let's Play Beach Volleyball" she told her to her face that she wasn't cute. When Pretty goes too far, Kaeloo will get annoyed, like in "Let's Play Top Model" when Mr. Cat helped Kaeloo get revenge on Pretty for constantly criticizing her.


Eugly and Kaeloo seem to be on good terms. In "Let's Play Truth or Dare", she, in her Bad Kaeloo form, tries flirting with Eugly, but left her since Quack Quack also liked her. In "Let's Play Tutus Galore", she is seen, with the others, laughing at the prospect of Eugly being a ballerina.


Kaeloo is nicer to Olaf than the other characters are, and she frequently tries to get him to join the others' games. In "Let's Play Frosted Christmas - Part 2", she forgives him even though he kidnapped Quack Quack and froze her and Mr. Cat alive.


Kaeloo's family is never mentioned, so their relationships are not clear. In "Let's Play Scaredy Cat", Kaeloo gets really angry when Mr. Cat insults her mother.

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