This article is about Kaeloo and Olaf's relationship.



Kaeloo is much nicer to Olaf than the other characters are. She frequently encourages him to join in the games they play, though usually he declines, or changes the concept of the game entirely (like in "Let's Play Household Hazards" where he changes a game about household hazards into a game about taking over the world). Kaeloo also tries to tell the others to be nice to Olaf, though they don't listen to her. She also forgives him for freezing her and Mr. Cat alive and kidnapping Quack Quack in "Let's Play Frosted Christmas - Part 2", though this was because she thought it was all a game.

Olaf seems to find Kaeloo incredibly annoying. He is confused by the fact that she treats everything as a game, as shown in "Let's Play Yogurt War" and "Let's Play Frosted Christmas - Part 2". In "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", when she greets him, he angrily tells her to shut up. He also frequently gets angry at her and tries to attack her.

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