This article is about the relationship between Kaeloo and Stumpy.



While Kaeloo and Stumpy may not always see eye to eye, they have a good relationship in general. Their relationship is somewhat like the relationship between an older sister and a younger brother, with Kaeloo even occasionally calling him her little brother.


Kaeloo sometimes worries for Stumpy's safety, like in "Let's Play Scaredy Cat" when she goes into the forest to find him, or in "Let's Play Shaolin Fitness" when she teaches him martial arts to help him defend himself from Mr. Cat. In episodes like "Let's Play Doctors and Nurses" and "Let's Play Curse of the Pharaoh", however, she is shown to callously ignore his problems. She frequently remarks about how stupid he is and sometimes joins the others in making fun of him. In some instances, she acts bossy towards him. She also compares him to Quack Quack and seems to favor the duck over Stumpy. In "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", Kaeloo expresses remorse for any time she was mean to Stumpy or ignored him.

Stumpy genuinely cares about Kaeloo and even goes as far as to sacrifice himself for her safety in "Let's Play the End of the World". However, he sometimes annoys her like in "Let's Play Teachers" where he and Mr. Cat annoyed Kaeloo so much she was driven to insanity. In "Let's Play Paper Balls", he repeatedly pranks her and Quack Quack with magical paper balls for no apparent reason. In "Let's Play Jetset vs. Jahjah", it was shown that he, and a lot of other characters, found Kaeloo extremely annoying, but it gets fixed by the end of the episode.