“Let’s Play Courtroom Drama” is the 35th episode of the first season of Kaeloo, and of the series overall.


When Quack Quack is found cut up into pieces, Kaeloo accuses Mr. Cat of being the culprit. He demands that they take the case to court.


Kaeloo wants to play games with her friends. She asks Stumpy to play, but he only wants to play video games. Mr. Cat is busy destroying everything with his chainsaw and is about to kill a flower when Kaeloo suddenly shows up and greets him. He hides the chainsaw behind his back and runs away before she sees it. Kaeloo is about to cry, as nobody wants to play with her, when she remembers that she hasn’t asked Quack Quack. To her horror, he has been cut up into pieces and incorrectly reassembled. She transforms and grabs Mr. Cat, but he reminds her that there is no proof that it was him. He then demands a trial to prove his innocence.

The roles are determined: Stumpy is the judge, Quack Quack is the victim, Kaeloo is his lawyer, and Mr. Cat plays both the defendant and his lawyer. Kaeloo brings in a TV, showing videos of Mr. Cat tormenting Quack Quack in several other episodes of the show. Stumpy thinks that they are watching a cartoon. Kaeloo points out that as Mr. Cat is usually the one who does these things, the culprit was probably him this time as well.

Quack Quack is then asked for his view on the events. He explains that he was eating yogurt when suddenly, somebody came and cut him up into pieces. He didn’t see the culprit. Mr. Cat claims that he found the pieces lying around and tried to reassemble Quack Quack, but accidentally did it incorrectly. He also notes that the duck is, anyway, indestructible.

Mr. Cat says that Kaeloo still has no proof that it was him, and she asks who else could have done such a thing. He uses the TV to show clips from other episodes of Bad Kaeloo beating him up, and points out that she is also very violent and aggressive, and could have just as easily been the culprit. Stumpy asks Kaeloo what she has to say in her defense, and she tearfully admits that Mr. Cat is probably right and runs away crying.

Mr. Cat, seeing Kaeloo crying and walking with suitcases in her hands, asks where she is going. She explains that since she is a threat to her friends, she is leaving Smileyland forever. Mr. Cat, not wanting his friend to leave, confesses that the culprit was indeed him. Kaeloo maliciously chuckles before turning around and saying that the defendant has been proven guilty, as a horrified Mr. Cat realizes that she was emotionally manipulating him the whole time, and he is sentenced to being beaten up by Bad Kaeloo.

The episode ends as an annoyed Mr. Cat, after being beaten up, decides to leave Smileyland.


Key Characters

  • Kaeloo
  • Mr. Cat

Supporting Characters

  • Stumpy
  • Quack Quack