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We like you just the way you are... good old Kaeloo!

—Mr. Cat, Let's Play Game Over: Level 1 (translated from French)

Mr. Cat finds Kaeloo annoying on some occasions, but he is kinder to her than he is to the others. However he sometimes does do horrible things to her. There are also several hints in the series that they may actually have feelings for each other. In "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", it is revealed that Mr. Cat's ideal version of Smileyland is populated by numerous clones of Kaeloo. In some episodes, it is shown that he does not want Kaeloo to be sad, and tries to help her or comfort her if she starts crying. In some cases when she is in danger he will try to protect her.



Stumpy admires Mr. Cat and frequently acts as his sidekick. In the episode "Let's Play Dubbing", Stumpy claims to have always dreamed of being like Mr. Cat. However, Mr. Cat sometimes takes Stumpy's things forcefully. In "Let's Play Shaolin Fitness", Stumpy takes self defence lessons from Kaeloo in order to get back at Mr. Cat (only to take over Mr. Cat's role as the villain after doing so). Nevertheless, the two seem to be on good terms. In "Let's Play Frosted Christmas - Part 2", Mr. Cat shows that he does trust Stumpy in times of danger. In "Let's Play Stumpy's I.Q." he appeared to be genuinely sad about Stumpy's death, and even dug a grave for him and bothered attending his funeral. In "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", he expressed remorse for all the bad things he had done to Stumpy over the course of the series.

Quack Quack


Quack Quack is usually tormented by Mr. Cat. Mr. Cat does all sorts of horrible things to him, ranging from shooting him with a bazooka, causing him to break up with his girlfriend, or outright sending him to Hell. Nevertheless, they can actually be friends sometimes. Some episodes from Season 1 imply that Mr. Cat may actually be afraid of Quack Quack. When it is necessary, they will team up. In some episodes, such as "Let's Play Bye Bye, Yoghurt" and "Let's Play Castaways", Mr. Cat is nice to Quack Quack, and shows that he really does care about him.


Tumblr inline mkry8pBeAB1qz4rgp

Pretty is madly in love with Mr. Cat, but he hates her. As shown in episodes such as "Let's Play Beach Volleyball", he wishes she would die. In "Let's Play Top Model", he helps Kaeloo get revenge on her and publicly humiliates her. In "Let's Play Truth or Dare", he gets nauseated just by looking at her.


Not much is known about Mr. Cat's relationship with Eugly. In "Let's Play Lady Luck" and "Let's Play Wrestling", she beats him up because he was tormenting Quack Quack.


Mr. Cat hates Olaf, and they are not on good terms. Olaf uses Serguei to beat him up in "Let's Play Household Hazards", and in "Let's Play Frosted Christmas - Part 2", Olaf freezes him using a ray gun. In "Let's Play Horse Riding", they have a bet to see who will win a race between Quack Quack and Stumpy, and Olaf is angered when Mr. Cat cheats and wins by making Stumpy win the race.


Papa drank, Mama screamed, my brothers beat me up...

—Mr. Cat, "Let's Play Golf"

Several episodes show that Mr. Cat has a terrible relationship with his family. His mother was annoying and dislikable (though she did consider him her favorite child), his father drank and his brothers used to beat him up. Eventually, he ran away from home and came to Smileyland.

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