This article is about the relationship between Mr. Cat and Pretty.

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Pretty has a crush on Mr. Cat, but the feeling is anything but mutual.

Mr. Cat utterly despises Pretty and wishes for her to die. Any time she tries to flirt with him, he rejects her (because he actually has a crush on Kaeloo and not Pretty). In "Let's Play Beach Volleyball", Pretty lies to Mr. Cat that she wants to commit suicide so he will pay attention to her. This backfires, because he also agrees that she should kill herself and gives her a rope noose to do the deed. Mr. Cat also seems to dislike the mean way Pretty treats the people he considers as his friends, such as in "Let's Play Top Model" when Pretty bullies Kaeloo and Mr. Cat helps Kaeloo to get revenge on Pretty. Interestingly enough, in "Let's Play Jetset vs. Jahjah", he smiles at her when she joins the others around the campfire, though he was being unusually kind to everyone in that episode.

Pretty is madly in love with Mr. Cat, and she frequently stalks him. However, there are a lot of implications that she only likes him for his body and doesn't care about his well-being at all, and she often says that she wants him for a "slave". In "Let's Play Castaways", she tries to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as an excuse to kiss him. When he points out that he is perfectly fine and doesn't need it, she knocks him out with a baseball bat and does it to him anyway. In "Let's Play Beach Volleyball", she tries to force him to fall in love with her using a love potion mixed in a drink. Fortunately, this ploy fails because Stumpy, feeling thirsty, drinks the love potion before Pretty can give it to Mr. Cat, which causes Stumpy to fall in love instead and chase Pretty around while everyone else stares in confusion. It can also be noted that Mr. Cat thought Stumpy was stupid to like Pretty.