This article is about Pretty's relationships with the other characters.



Pretty and Kaeloo are sometimes depicted as friends, like in the episode “Let’s Play Lady Luck”. Other episodes, such as “Let's Play Horse Riding” and “Let's Play Top Model” showed the two as rivals. In the episode “Let's Play Horse Riding”, Pretty forcefully takes away Kaeloo's horse and calls her ugly, and in “Let's Play Top Model”, she criticizes Kaeloo to the point where Kaeloo decides to quit the game. However, in "Let's Play the End of the World", Pretty looked genuinely upset when Kaeloo was going to die, having tried to sacrifice herself for the others' safety.


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Stumpy is Pretty’s worst enemy. They always argue about everything and will not hesitate to beat each other up. However, in the episode “Let's Play Beach Volleyball”, he tried to flirt with her (even before he accidentally drank the love potion), and in “Let's Play Clone Party” he flirted with her while disguised as Mr. Cat, which she found charming until she realized it was him.

Quack Quack

Pretty and Quack Quack do not interact very often on the show, but she seems to have an apparent dislike towards him. In the episode “Let's Play Marriage”, the two are forcibly married to each other (although everybody was against this).

Mr. Cat

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Pretty is madly in love with Mr. Cat, but the feeling is far from mutual, and he utterly despises her. In the episode “Let's Play Beach Volleyball”, she tells him that she is considering suicide (she was lying to get attention), and he hands her a rope noose, agreeing that she should kill herself. Certain parts of the episode “Let's Play Castaways” implies that she may only like him for his body, and she often shows no consideration for his feelings at all. She frequently says that she wants him to be her "slave".



Pretty barely ever interacts with Olaf, but in "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", they are seen building a snowman together. They also seem to have one thing in common: they both find Kaeloo extremely annoying.



Eugly is Pretty's fraternal twin sister. Pretty normally treats her badly, frequently insulting her. Eugly is like Pretty’s personal slave and/or bodyguard. In “Let's Play Beach Volleyball”, Pretty lies to Mr. Cat that she is considering suicide because of having a sister like Eugly, not caring when Eugly cries upon hearing this. Sometimes, she shows some consideration towards her, though, such as in “Let's Play Tutus Galore” when she tells the others not to insult her sister, and she gets angry if anyone else tries to insult her sister.

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