This article is about Quack Quack's relationship with the other characters.




Kaeloo and Quack Quack have a good relationship. She always stands up for him when Mr. Cat is tormenting him, and in "Let's Play Danger Island Survivor" she seemed to fall in love with him, though this may have only been temporary (most other episodes show that she likes Mr. Cat). She is nice to him, but she can be strict (for example, telling him that he can either give up on yoghurt or leave Smileyland) when she thinks it's for his own good. He also seems to care deeply about her.



Stumpy and Quack Quack are best friends. They hang out with one another often, and they are on friendly terms with one another. However, in the episode "Let's Play Paper Balls", Stumpy torments Quack Quack just for fun, along with Mr. Cat. Quack Quack usually tries to help Stumpy when he has problems.

Mr. Cat


Quack Quack is usually tormented by Mr. Cat. Nevertheless, they can actually be friends sometimes. When it is necessary, they will team up. In some episodes, such as "Let's Play Bye Bye, Yoghurt" and "Let's Play Island Survival", Mr. Cat is nice to Quack Quack. Quack Quack easily forgives Mr. Cat for whatever he does, but in "Let's Play Figurines" he managed to get revenge on Mr. Cat after accidentally gaining control of the latter's body.


Pretty seems to utterly hate Quack Quack for no reason. He does not seem to harbor any sort of malice against her, but in "Let's Play Top Models" when she criticizes him, he teams up with the other to get revenge, and is among the people cheering when she is publicly humiliated on the news.



Eugly is Quack Quack's girlfriend. They normally get along well, but in "Let's Play Party" they got into a fight over Eugly's supposed unfaithfulness (which Mr. Cat lied about and wasn't true).


Olaf kidnapped Quack Quack in "Let's Play Frosted Christmas" to use his powers in a machine. Quack Quack forgives him by the end of the episode, and he even saves Olga for him.


Quack Quack's parents both died before he was hatched from his egg, so he never got to know them.

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