This is a list of running gags on Kaeloo.

  • Stumpy's sister being mentioned before somebody remembers that Stumpy has no sisters.
  • Objects falling on Stumpy's head.
  • Kaeloo showing up out of nowhere yelling "Hello buddies/pals/friends!" or, in the original French dub, "Bonjour les amis!"
  • Somebody crushing a flower and causing Kaeloo to get angry.
  • Stumpy dressing as a girl.
  • Eugly crying loudly after somebody insults her.
  • Stumpy making fun of Olaf for being short.
  • Somebody calling Olaf an auk instead of an emperor penguin.
  • Somebody bribing Quack Quack with yogurt.
  • Stumpy attempting suicide and failing.
  • Stumpy losing at everything.
  • Pretty attempting to attract Mr. Cat and failing.
  • Mr. Cat using a cat flap to teleport.
  • Mr. Cat being hungover.
  • Mr. Cat saying three statements, with the third one being completely irrelevant to the other two.
  • Mr. Cat trying to kiss Kaeloo or get her to kiss him.
  • Kaeloo asking somebody if they have forgotten something, only for said person to check their person and reply that they haven't.
  • Quack Quack's head exploding when he sees Eugly.
  • Somebody (usually Mr. Cat) falling asleep while someone else is talking.
  • Sheep being set on fire.
  • Stumpy feeling hungry.
  • Mr. Cat yelling at an extremely loud volume.
  • One or more of the main four being broke or having very little money due to the ongoing economic crisis.

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