This article is about Stumpy's relationships with the other characters on the show.



Kaeloo and Stumpy don't always see eye to eye, but they have a good relationship in general, not very different from the relationship between an older sister and younger brother. He genuinely cares about her, and in "Let's Play the End of the World" he willingly sacrifices himself for her safety.

Quack Quack

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Stumpy and Quack Quack are best friends. They hang out with one another often, and they are on friendly terms with one another. He sometimes gets angry when Mr. Cat tries to harm him. However, in the episode "Let's Play Paper Balls", he torments Quack Quack just for fun, along with Mr. Cat. The two also occasionally get into fights, for example one episode had them fight over who got to sit on the couch.

Mr. Cat

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Stumpy admires Mr. Cat and frequently acts as his sidekick. In the episode "Let's Play Dubbing", he claims to have always dreamed of being like Mr. Cat. In "Let's Play Shaolin Fitness", Stumpy takes self defence lessons from Kaeloo in order to get back at Mr. Cat for constantly stealing his stuff (only to take over the cat's role as the villain after knocking him out). In "Let's Play Goodbye, Mr. Cat!", Stumpy was the most affected by Mr. Cat's apparent disappearance, crying and screaming "Mr. Cat! Don't leave me alone!". However, in "Let's Play Musical Comedy", Stumpy openly claimed to hate Mr. Cat (due to the latter's actions in the episode, but in most other episodes they have a good relationship).


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Stumpy is Pretty's worst enemy. They're always arguing about everything. However, in "Let's Play Beach Volleyball", he attempts to flirt with her even before he drinks the love potion, and in "Let's Play Clone Party", he flirts with her when disguised as Mr. Cat, which she enjoyed before she found out who he really was.


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Not much is known about his relationship with Eugly, but she has punched him several times on Pretty's orders.


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Stumpy frequently makes fun of Olaf for being short. They normally aren't on very good terms with each other, but in "Let's Play Stumpy's I.Q." they got along well by the end of the episode, both being big fans of Jimi Hendrix.


Ursula is Stumpy's girlfriend, who he met on Fakebook. He really loves her. He was very sad when she didn't come to the party in "Let's Play Party", and attempted suicide once when he thought he would fail to impress her.

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