The Theme Song is the opening theme for the TV series Kaeloo. The song has no lyrics (apart from Kaeloo's spoken greeting before the music starts), but it introduces each of the characters.


The show's Pilot had a different theme song than the show, although it had the same tune. The song is done in 2D animation. It shows Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack jumping around happily when Mr. Cat shows up with a chainsaw. They all move offscreen and Mr. Cat runs towards Quack Quack with the chainsaw. Quack Quack's severed head rolls onto the screen and a transformed Kaeloo chases Mr. Cat around. Stumpy stands onscreen, and his neck spasms before the show's logo is shown.

Season 1

The theme song shows the characters:

  • Kaeloo greets the viewers, and an image of her in various costumes is shown. Mr. Cat crushes a flower with a mallet, causing her to transform into Bad Kaeloo.
  • Stumpy holds up a video game console, a comic book and a chainsaw while surrounded by numerous televisions with scenes from the expository comic, laughing maniacally and running around.
  • Quack Quack is eating yogurt when a huge rock and a car fall onto his head and he is impaled by arrows, but he is completely fine.
  • Mr. Cat crosses a picture of Quack Quack, with the aforementioned rock and car on his head and arrows in his body, off a chart with numerous pictures of Quack Quack before laughing maniacally, holding weapons and standing in a place where there are burning cars in the background.

Bad Kaeloo crushes the screen and throws it away, and the show's logo is shown.

Kaeloo Season 1 Theme Song

Kaeloo Season 1 Theme Song


Season 2

The same characters as before are shown, in addition to the new ones.

  • Pretty sits on Eugly's back and flips her "hair" (ears) at the viewers before turning on her phone, and Eugly waves at a butterfly.
  • Olaf kisses Olga and rides his robot, Serguei, across the snow, only for Serguei to trip and fall.
KAELOO - Générique Saison 2-0

KAELOO - Générique Saison 2-0

Let's Play the Very Special Episode

A spoken introduction is given by Kaeloo, showing the characters as moving pictures on ruled paper, with the exception of Mr. Cat who is shown in 2D animation. The Season 1 theme song is also shown.