Ursula is a minor character on KaelooShe is the girlfriend of Stumpy.

Role in the show

Ursula is never actually shown onscreen (except once in a drawing by Stumpy), but she is mentioned several times on the show, and is occasionally relevant to the episode's plot. She appears at the end of the episode "Let's Play Searching for Ursula... Desperately", which confirms her existence, but she is offscreen for the whole scene. She is Stumpy's girlfriend, who he met on Fakebook. In "Let's Play Party", she was supposed to come to the Valentine's Day party but she never showed up. In "Let's Play Hot - Cold", Stumpy was looking for ways to impress her. In "Let's Play Musical Comedy", Stumpy tried to write a song for her. In "Let's Play Astronauts", Stumpy went in search of a star to name after her, kicking off the episode's plot. Ursula was one of the main plot motivators of "Let's Play the Very Special Episode", despite not appearing onscreen.


Ursula is never shown onscreen physically, but one episode has Stumpy do a drawing of her. The drawing is rather crude, so all that the audience can make out of her actual appearance is that she has blonde hair and large breasts. However, as Kaeloo points out, Stumpy may have drawn her inaccurately. When she finally appears on the show, the other characters react as though she is very beautiful.

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