I saw this on DeviantArt and it looked fun, so I decided to do it.

Favorite Character: Mr. Cat. He isn't the type of character I usually like (I am not a fan of jerks, villains or characters that get joy from hurting others), but I genuinely think he is the funniest, coolest (I mean come on, have you even seen Let's Play Scaredy Cat? Haha...) and cutest character. I also know that he secretly cares for his friends and that he has many issues thanks to him coming from an abusive, dysfunctional family. Also, I know this is gonna sound like I don't like this show, but he is the only character I never find annoying. Like, don't get me wrong, I am not saying I hate other characters, not at all, but I do tend to get annoyed by them when they do something stupid. But I don't remember ever finding Mr. Cat annoying.
Despised Character: Pretty. I don't know, she is just a stereotypical mean brat and there's not much else to her. I usually hate those types of characters and she doesn't have many depths that would make her more likable...
Overrated Character: I dunno, Stumpy?
Underrated Character: Eugly. I think she's a cute character. ^^
Favorite Season: Season 3. Too bad I can't watch it properly. XD
Despised Season: None.
Favorite Episode: Let's Play the Very Special Episode. I am gonna sound pathetic, but that episode actually made me cry a bit.
Despised Episode: Let's Play Courtroom Drama. I think most fans hate this episode. Yeah, most of it is okay, but that ending was too harsh and it ruined the whole episode for me.
Favorite Moment: The part in Let's Play the Very Special Episode where Stumpy is about to press the button and his friends just let him. I think that was genuinely very bittersweet, in a good way. Also, Mr. Cat's genuine smile is so adorable and I love seeing him like that...


Despised Moment: The ending of Let's Play Courtroom Drama. Seriously, Kaeloo, Mr. Cat was trying to be nice for once, what the heck?! I seriously can't believe she would resort to emotional manipulation of a friend.
Favorite Couple: Kaeloo X Mr. Cat. Of course, only when Mr. Cat isn't acting like a complete perv. :P
Despised Couple: Mr. Cat X Pretty.